What is ‘Trust In Leigh’?


‘Trust in Leigh’ is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (registered with the Charity Commission Charity Number – 1156263) that enables and co-ordinates social enterprise in Leigh.

It has established an ‘umbrella organisation’ and ‘social network’, using the human and technological resources to support, advise and develop the voluntary sector across the Leigh constituency.


Who is ‘Trust in Leigh’ aimed at?


The whole constituency of Leigh that includes Astley, Atherton, Golborne, Leigh, Lowton, Mossley Common; ‘Trust in Leigh’ has a purpose to improve the well-being and lives of those who live in, work in, or visit the Leigh area. ‘Trust in Leigh’ supports the voluntary sector and the social enterprises that are related to health and wellbeing, sport, creative, green spaces, heritage and leisure.



The public benefit of ’Trust in Leigh’ is to:


Build and sustain ‘Trust in Leigh’ to improve community capacity to deliver social enterprise service, engaging with voluntary, public and private sectors;

Support a more effective and cohesive response across clubs, organisations and the public sector;

Co-ordinate across the public, private and voluntary sectors;

Empower and ‘communicate’ with local people