Trust in Leigh has a purpose to improve the well being and lives of those who live in , work in , or visit Leigh.

‘Trust in Leigh’ will further support the voluntary sector and the social enterprises across sport, leisure, cultural and social issues.

About us

What we do we do at Trust in Leigh

At ‘Trust in Leigh’ we have introduced and established a ‘social network’ of clubs, organisations and social enterprises across the Leigh constituency. We have employed members of staff as well as Trustee’s/Strategic Boards to ensure governance and proper oversight.

We work with the voluntary sector, providing professional support, advice and training to stimulate and support ‘social productivity’. Continuously engaging with the community, public and private sector to recruit more volunteers, developing them to support the social enterprises of Leigh.

We support the ‘social network’, along with the community, private and public agencies in coordinating initiatives and activity across Leigh. The remit of this network is across a wide range of sport, leisure, cultural and social issues affecting Leigh.

‘Trust in Leigh’ supports the ‘social network’ in developing themselves to provide service and opportunities for local people. We continue to provide coordinated capacity building that allows the local community and voluntary sector to deliver on social care, health and well-being, family support and social mobility, leisure and culture as well as community safety priorities.

‘Trust in Leigh’ connects, coordinates, empowers and enables voluntary groups and volunteers, to develop themselves and maximise their impact.

How we aim to achieve our goals!

Developing a Network of Organisations, Clubs and Social Enterprises supporting each other.

Proactive Networking and Brokering resulting in Effective Engagement

Developing and Supporting Organisations, Clubs and Social Enterprises to become sustainable through professional advice, training and mentoring.

Delivering change from the ‘F‘ word to ‘Investment’ Empowering our residents (especially young people) to be the best they can be.

Enabling I.T. Portal accessible throughout the Borough.

Promoting, increasing, coordinating and developing Volunteering.

The public benefit of  ‘Trust in Leigh’ is to:

Build and sustain ‘Trust in Leigh’ to improve community capacity to deliver social enterprise service, engaging with voluntary, public and private sectors;

Support a more effective and cohesive response across clubs, organisations and the public sector;

Co-ordinate across the public, private and voluntary sectors;

Empower and ‘communicate’ with local people


Volunteers play an important role in a high proportion of clubs, organisations, CICs and non-for-profit organisations. Providing opportunities for people to gain experience before they move on to further and higher education and also before they enter a working environment either as a trainee, an apprentice or as a graduate.

Volunteering can promote Personal Development opportunities for those who wish to develop their skills outside of their usual daily working lives, however at Trust in Leigh we believe the most important aspect and benefit of volunteering is being able to harness the passion that you have to be able to deliver a positive change, a positive impact on the local community and to a cause that you can relate to.

Volunteering Opportunities

To view all of our latest volunteering opportunities please visit Community Book