About us

LPG WASPI has been created to allow ladies from Leigh, Makerfield and Wigan constituencies within the Wigan Borough, born in the 1950’s, to campaign for the receipt of our state pensions which have been delayed for up to 6 years. Our key aims are to raise awareness of this injustice, especially for women not on social media, providing information and peer support and organising and taking part in campaigning activities.


Our members reside within the 3 main constituencies, however, the group may also adopt members from neighbouring constituencies who do not have a WASPI group to join us with a view to setting up their own action group with our help.

Any eligible woman can join the group directly or be invited by existing members.


Drop in sessions

Each week we hold drop in sessions at Trust in Leigh on a  Tuesday from 1-3pm.

Offering information and support to any affected 1950’s born women in the area who are suffering as a result of the delay to their State Pension age.

Email us: lpgwaspi@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/468548726677667/


If ever there was a time to stand up and be counted as a WASPI woman, it is now.
If there ever was a time when women needed to help other women in a similar situation as you, waiting up to six extra years for your pension, it is now.
And if you ever needed to give some time to make a formal complaint to the DWP about a case of maladministration….it is that time.
WASPI have a provided a “Guide to DWP Complaints”, produced by top London lawyers Bindmans. It takes into account all the different issues which affect us. It will ensure that our complaints going to the DWP cover all the necessary points and will move WASPI on to a mass complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, which can help us to get justice.
There are millions of women affected by the lack of notice of the 1995 and 2011 Pensions Acts. Not all of them even know its happened.
We can help them by making our own complaints and helping others to make theirs. Don’t leave it and think someone else will do it. This is your pension and your fight.
Go to www.waspi.co.uk/action where you can get the “Guide to DWP Complaints” and template letters which will help you make your complaint.
Ask questions, join a local WASPI group…try.
It involves effort, resolve and determination to do it. But if we don’t make that effort we’re sending a strong message to the Government that we don’t have the heart to fight the injustice. As many of us as possible must make a complaint to the DWP – get going on yours now!
It must hurt, and it must sting.


Leigh Carnival on Sunday 4th June

This year, we are joining Leigh’s revival Carnival with a theme of colour and noise! Donning our Suffragette Dress to make a splash!

Would you like to join us…..!


Meetings will take place at the Holiday Inn Express, Leigh Sports Village, WN7 4JY

Thursday 6th  APRIL 6.30 – 8.30pm

Friday 5th  MAY 10am – 12 noon

Thursday 1st  JUNE 6.30 – 8.30pm

Friday 7th  JULY 10am – 12 noon

Thursday 3rd AUGUST 6.30 – 8.30pm

Friday 1st SEPTEMBER 10am – 12 noon

Thursday 5th OCTOBER 6.30 – 8.30pm

Friday 3rd NOVEMBER 10am – 12 noon

Thursday 7th DECEMBER 6.30  – 8.30pm

IMPORTANT! Dates and venue may be subject to change, so please email lpgwaspi@gmail.com to check first.